Male Enhancement Truth

Studies conducted over the last half century have shown time after time that the majority of men suffer from insecurity concerning their penis size.

In fact, if there is one thing that most of them would change physically about themselves if possible, it would be to have a larger penis. Countless male enhancement products have promised over the years to help guys do just that — to increase their penis size in as little as a few weeks.

The brutal truth, however, is that enhancement pills and other products simply can’t make a penis grow and other than surgical alternatives there aren’t any proven methods for lengthening a penis.

passionHow Male Enhancement Products Actually Work

That may be depressing news for some men. For guys who are average size to just below average, however, quality male enhancement pills can actually offer a good solution.

The majority of these pills are created using naturally derived supplements that have been used by countless cultures for millennia to enhance male sexuality.

The formulas available are excellent for helping men to achieve stronger erections, which often results in the perception of the penis being longer when fully erect, as well as increasing sexual stamina and to intensifying orgasms.

Most of these enhancement pills are relatively free of side effects and are completely affordable.

Avoid The Hype and Look For Scientific Evidence

The truth is that male enhancement products cannot be used to perform miracles. Companies that promise their pills can help you achieve things that simply sound too good to be true are probably guilty of false advertising.

no-hypeMany of the most successfully marketed products have turned out to be largely scams. As the old saying goes, it is easier to fool people than to get them to realize they’re being fooled. So marketers go for the easy money and as a result the reputation of the industry continues to suffer.

Fortunately, there are a few companies out there that are serious about offering quality, researched pills for sale. These companies have often invested millions of dollars designing and optimizing their formulas, and have funded research to ultimately back up their claims of the pills being effective.

When considering buying such products, first look to see if there are any peer-reviewed clinical studies which have been conducted to study the claims of the manufacturer. Many of these manufacturers have links to the actual clinical reports on their websites that can be perused at the customer’s convenience.

While recommendations from medical doctors and testimonials are also important, the fact remains that these can easily be falsified. However, independent scientific results are much more difficult to fabricate. So always look for proof that the company’s claims have been validated by hard scientific evidence.

Why Straighten A Curved Penis

While many men feel embarrassed or suffer from physical problems associated with having a curved penis, others don’t really understand why they should concern themselves about it.

curved-penisPenis curvature is natural, after all, affecting as many as ten to twenty percent of men worldwide. So why should they worry so much about it? Well, there are many reasons to not only be concerned about it but to also seek out treatment.

A Curved Penis Always Becomes Worse With Time

Curvatures, in general, become progressively worse over time, resulting in pain. Erections, for example, can be very painful once the condition has become severe.

This usually leads to embarrassment, low self esteem, and other emotional problems, since sexual dysfunction is the inevitable result.

  • The good news is that by treating a curved penis early, you have a better chance to straighten it without any long-term side effects.
  • In fact, the earlier you start treatment, as explained by, the better it will be for you.

loveDo It For Your Sexual Partner

Suffering from curvature cannot only be emotionally traumatizing to the man, but can be devastating to a relationship.

Not only is sex with partners who suffer from this condition unenjoyable for many women, but it is even painful in certain situations.

Of course, then there is the looming threat of erectile dysfunction, which will happen in a large percentage of men who have penis curvature that refuse to seek treatment.

Treatment Options Are Simple and Better Than Ever Before

In the old days, the only truly effective treatment option for this condition was painful injections or risky surgery. Both have severe side effects that can even result in more tissue damage to the penis and lead to greater problems.

Fortunately, things have changed in the last few years.

  • One of the best options to emerge recently is the use of specially made devices that attach to the penis and help straighten it over time.
  • These have virtually no side effects whatsoever and preliminary studies suggest that they may be just as effective as more riskier alternatives.

Simply put, men no longer have any excuses for not seeking out treatment for a curved penis. Not only are the options available today less risky and more effective, but they’re also even more affordable.

Every man suffering from this problem owes it to themselves, their partners, and their future health to seek out treatment today in order to effectively reverse their condition which will only get worse if they choose to do nothing at all.

Are Penis Pills Safe?

For a lot of guys in this modern culture, there is a desire to have an immediately bigger penis.

If that can’t be achieved, then lots of guys lose their confidence and sometimes even believe that something is wrong with them! Because they often promise the immediate results that guys want, they often turn toward penis pills as the most effective option to get the results that they want. Are penis pills safe?

penis-pillsPenis Pills Can Be Safe… Or Very Dangerous!

Some penis pills are absolutely safe and have very little, if any, side effects whatsoever.

Some pills, however, are far from safe.

They might use ingredients that are known to cause side effects in some guys. Some ingredients might interfere with medications that could be taken, especially if a guy is taking some form of heart or blood pressure medication.

Sometimes these pills even put in unlabeled ingredients that are generic forms of erectile dysfunction medication to get the results you expect to see!

Now not every guy loves going to the doctor, especially about what will be perceived as a cosmetic issue. Talking with someone who isn’t bound be strict confidentiality rules, however, can mean that your little penis problem suddenly becomes the talk of the town! If you’re unwilling to speak with your doctor, then is it possible to still determine if the pills you want to take are safe?

Are You Getting Discount Penis Pills?

In the world of penis pills, there is no such thing as a “brand name” or a “generic” option that you can purchase. Some brands might make you think you need to pay a premium price for them, but that’s just marketing hype!

What you’ll generally see is a class of discounted pills that is priced in such a way to bring guys off of the fence and want to make a purchase, but will be made of inferior ingredients so that the costs can stay down.

On the other hand, an expensive pill is not always the best option either. If you take a look at and compare the cheap pills to the expensive ones, there are many instances of the ingredient lists being exactly the same or with just a small variation or two. That’s really where the difference between a good and a bad pill can be determined: at the ingredient list.

safe-male-enhancementLook for quality, proven ingredients and you’ll have a better chance at achieving the results you want over time.

Even when an immediate result is desired, it is important to choose the best penis pills to meet your needs. Choosing the first ones you see or the cheapest ones on the market today could end up causing a lot of trouble!

Look at the ingredients, speak with your doctor if you can, and proceed from there with the best pills that will work for your unique circumstances.

Options To Straighten Penis Curvature

As many as one in six men suffer from mild to severe penis curvature, which can result in sexual dysfunction, painful erections, and low self esteem. Scientists aren’t sure about what exactly causes curvature in the majority of situations, but research has pointed to injury and genetics as being the main culprits.

straighten-curvatureSo while men may take precautions such as avoiding injury during sex, there isn’t a sure-proof way to prevent this problem from occurring. Fortunately, if you’re one of the millions of men who do suffer from this condition or wish to prevent it, then there are several treatment options to choose from.

Vitamins Help To Prevent Injury

Researchers believe that curvatures develop because of the build up of fibrous tissue inside the penis due to injury.

Some studies have suggested that vitamins, particularly Vitamin E may be an effective treatment option to prevent such tissue from forming.

While this option is relatively safe and affordable, it cannot be one-hundred percent effective against preventing such a problem from occurring. Also, vitamins offer no help for those who already suffer from the condition and wish to straighten penis curvature.

medical-injectionsMedicinal Injections Can Be Effective

Certain calcium channel blockers that have traditionally been used to treat high blood pressure have been found to be effective at helping to straighten penis curvature.


  • The buildup of fibrous plaques along the inside of the penis that leads to such a curvature is termed Peyronie’s Disease, and injections of drugs such as Verapamil have been approved as an effective treatment option.
  • Steroids such as cortisone are also sometimes utilized in treatment regiments.

Injections can be very effective, depending on the severity of the disease, but also can have potentially dangerous side effects including further damaging the penile tissue.

surgerySurgery Is the Quickest Solution,
But the Least Affordable

There are a number of different surgeries that a urologist may recommend for men suffering from this condition. All involve the removal of the damaged tissue and the restoration of the penis to its appropriate shape. These are highly specialized surgical procedures that may require a couple of hours of work in the operation room, as well as prep time and recovery.

Unfortunately, many insurance plans don’t offer coverage for these kinds of operations, depending on a number of complex variables. As such, some men simply cannot afford to have the surgery done. Even if they can find a way to pay for it, there are safety concerns such as having to be put under general anesthesia, as well as worrying about other potential complications such as infection.

Devices Are Usually the Best First Choice

peyronies-deviceThe great thing about devices is that they’re highly effective, relatively safe, and the majority of men can afford to purchase them.

There aren’t any considerable side effects or dangers involved in using these devices, which are created by specialized medical companies to be attached to the member in order to straighten penis curvature over a period of time.

The price for even the top quality models generally doesn’t exceed a few hundred dollars.

Best of all, they’ve been shown to be just as effective as the other options, but have obvious advantages over them when one considers safety and expense.

So when choosing a treatment for a curvature problem, it is usually best to consider devices first before moving on to more invasive or drastic options.

What They Say About Penis Enlargement

There’s a lot of talk in the medical field that penis enlargement just isn’t something that can happen. They say that guys are just wasting their time and money by purchasing products that encourage enlargement.

clinical_studiesYet when reviewing clinical studies of medical literature, it was discovered that traction was the most effective method of enlargement available to men today.

The study, which was conducted at the University of Turin, examined existing literature for most major enlargement products available today.

What Did the Research Discover About Penis Enlargement?

What these Italian scientists discovered is that they’ve got it all wrong. Surgery is often the most recommended course of action when it comes to making a penis become bigger, but this study found that surgery was really the worst course of action that a guy could choose to achieve a larger size.

Surgery was even called “dangerous” by the researchers because it carried an “unacceptably high” rate of side effects and complications!

researchSo what did this research say was the best method of enlarging a penis?


Through traction, these researches discovered that guys could achieve an extra 1.7 centimeters in size when fully erect and an average of 2 centimeters when the penis was in the flaccid state.

How can traction be achieved?
There are three key methods that can provide the stretching needed to increase tissue size:

  • Through a medical device. Penis traction devices work to stretch the penile tissues out over a long period of time throughout the day, although there are some products that can even work at night too. By wearing the medical device for 6-8 hours per day, over the course of 16 weeks guys can see results.
  • Through the use of a penis pump. Penis pumps are nice because they can give a guy an instant visual result while also providing a light traction on the tissues as well. Over time, the tissues respond to this new normal, but pumping must occur every day. Too much pressure and an injury could stop all progress!
  • Through exercises. The issue with exercises, however, is that it takes a long time to achieve the visual impact in the size of the penis. There must also be consistency in the exercises to prevent injury and scarring.

So What Is the Best Method Recommended?

The best method of penis enlargement is through the use of a medically approved traction device. They might say that this won’t work, but there’s one simple truth that can’t be ignored: those who say traction doesn’t work haven’t tried it for themselves or worn their device long enough to achieve results.

This study, out of the University of Turin, proves the naysayers wrong!

If you want a larger penis, the best method by far is through the use of a good penis stretcher.

If you want to achieve a bigger size, then look at your options today for a good device that fits comfortably, has a reputation for good results, and is surprisingly affordable. That way you have your confidence return!

How To Properly Use a Penis Stretcher

Nothing is better than a good penis stretcher when it comes to providing the length and size that a guy wants. To get the wanted results, however, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when using your medical device. Here is how to use a penis stretcher so that you can get the consistently great results you want!

  • #1-penis-stretcherGet a good quality medical device. You will definitely get the results you pay for when you purchase a cheap device.

    In order to merge quality and affordability, you’ve got to look for a device that gives you exactly what you need and none of the extras.

    X4 Labs provides one of the best on the market today because you can get the exact package you want.

  • Get into the right mental state. This is something that you’ll need to work for in order to earn. The rewards will come, but they won’t just happen. You’re about to change your life, but you’ll likely need to change a few things in your life to really get going.
  • Get into the instruction manual. A good penis stretcher is a medical device. You need to follow the instructions carefully to make sure that you’re getting the maximum benefit that can be offered.
  • Get your questions answered. Even if you’ve already ordered your preferred medical device, it’s still fine to ask any questions that may come up during the order process.

    From correctly putting on the device to making sure you’ve ordered the proper package, good products always come with good customer support.


Set Realistic Expectations For Your Penis Stretcher

You could stretch your penis out to its maximum extent and wear your medical device 24/7, but that’s not actually healthy for your body! If you go outside of your comfort zone, you’ll create more harm than good. advice you set realistic expectations that you can fulfill over the next 16 weeks in terms of actual size and you’ll be much happier… and probably less sore too.

cautionIt’s also important to start slowly instead of diving head-first into 8 hours per day of traction. Keep the tension levels low for the first few days or so just to get used to the feeling.

You’ll probably want to limit the amount of time you’re wearing the device as well to under an hour. Sometimes even a few minutes is all!

Schedule in some rest days here and there as you acclimate to these new experiences and you’ll set yourself up with success.


Make Good Use of All the Comfort Settings You Receive

Traction does tend to feel pretty good once you get used to the experience until your skin begins to rub away thanks to the medical machinery. Do not use a penis stretcher that doesn’t include some sort of comfort device. If you have the tension holders directly on your penis, you will rub yourself raw and likely never complete the experience!

Most importantly, however, above all else, don’t assume anything.

adviceIf you think something is wrong, then it is wrong. Speak with customer support or your doctor to discuss your concerns so that you don’t experience an unexpected injury. Be careful, be realistic in your goals, and realize that you won’t see immediate results. When everything is put into careful perspective and all of the instructions are followed, a penis stretcher is an extremely useful tool to help guys achieve their size needs. Why not try one for yourself today?

How Can You Choose a HQ Penis Pump?

You know that old adage that says “You get what you pay for?”

That’s not necessarily true in the world of penis pumps. There are some very affordable, high quality pumps on the market today that can make an immediate, positive impact in a guy’s life.

On the other hand, there are some very expensive, low quality penis pumps on the market today that may even cause an injury through standard use because they are so poorly designed.

An expensive penis pump is not always a good penis pump.

Don’t fall into the trap of an overpriced pump masquerading as a quality product! Here are the features that the best penis pumps have so that you can make sure you get the right pump at the right price.


Look For Water-Based Penis Pumps First

The vacuum that you get around your penis is critical to the process of stimulating blood flow into the penile tissues. Both air and water-based pumps can effectively work, but water pumps tend to be a lot more consistent in three key areas:

  • overall pressure on the penis as the vacuum within the pump chamber is created;
  • overall comfort during the entire pumping process, especially when air is removed; and
  • overall better blood retention at the end of the process for a longer sexual experience.

Water-based penis pumps tend to be a little more expensive than air-based pumps, but the investment is worth it. If you ever get the chance to compare the two techniques, you’ll see for yourself why more guys prefer water-based pumps than anything else.

Does the Pump Have a Pressure Regulator On It?

The human body has a marvelous design, but it has some limitations. Your skin, for example, can only withstand a certain amount of pressure without having an injury. Some cheaper penis pumps don’t come with a regulator at all, which means you’ve got to manually adjust the pressure within the pump chamber to stay in the safest pressure range.

With a pressure regulator, however, the process becomes safer because it is automatic. Your pump will always stay within the best pressure range and maintain that pressure throughout the process. You won’t need to stand over your pump for the next 10-15 minutes to make sure you don’t cause yourself a bigger problem! This investment is one you’ll definitely want to make!


You Want High Quality All Around!

The cheapest pumps don’t have the ability to provide you with the best quality, but the trap here is that some of the most expensive pumps have the same issue.

Talk with the manufacturer and the seller before finalizing a sale so you can weigh all of your options, compare products, and look for additional ways that a business offers pre-sale support. When you take the entire process into account, from start to finish, you’ll be able to find the best penis pumps from which you can select the perfect pump for you!

How To Choose the Best Penis Pump?

penis-pumpIf you’re thinking about using a penis pump to enlarge your size, even if it’s just for a one-time show, then you’re looking to get the best pump that you can afford, right?

Some pumps that are on the market today combine affordability and quality very well, while other pumps are downright dangerous to use.

Rather than play a guessing game with your money or your dick, here are some questions you should consider asking yourself as you shop.

Who Is the Manufacturer of the Pump?

The quality of a pump really can be determined by who the manufacturer of the device happens to be. Some manufacturers have a reputation for reliability and create innovative designs for their products. Others, however, just try to sell you a cheap piece of plastic junk for hundreds of dollars without a second thought.

How can you determine which manufacturers are the best?

  • Check their online reputation through independent websites, forum reviews, and even social media. If there are only positive reviews, this is a major red flag.
  • Look for product complaints on official government channels.
  • See if there are any public records regarding lawsuits that may have been filed against a manufacturer for defective products.

Where Was the Penis Pump Made?

The location of the manufacturing of a pump is important because it is a testament to the quality of the parts that you’re going to get. Certain countries, especially the United States, the UK, and the European Union, have the ability to produce higher quality plastic parts than other nations. If you’re looking at a plastic pump to save some cash, then do yourself a favor and look at the country of origin.

How Long Has the Product Been on the Market?

Although a brilliant new product is always an option, reliable results are often best achieved by products that have an established presence. Some products have been on the market for over a decade because they do the job they were meant to do. These are the products that will always make for a wise investment!

guaranteeIs There a Guarantee? A Warranty?

According to some penis pumps that don’t come with a warranty are basically just a waste of money. Once something breaks, even if it is from a faulty piece of manufacturing, you’re out the cost of the pump. With at least a limited warranty, you’ll have some limited protections.

The best warranties are more than 1 year, will cover more than just defects on the product, and will offer repairs or replacement of your product for no cost.

In addition, pumps that really do provide a visually noticeable increase in penis size have the confidence to offer a guarantee that the pump will actually work. These guarantees will give you the security knowing that you’ll get a product that will either work or you won’t be out tons of cash.

By asking the right questions, you’ll get the right product 100% of the time. Start asking these questions as you shop and the penis pump you find will provide you with the results you crave!

Do Penis Pills Have Side Effects?

is-it-safeEven though many of today’s penis pills are made from natural ingredients that are completely safe, they do carry with them the possibility of having side effects with them.

Most side effects of all-natural pills are fairly minor, however, so you should be able to achieve the results you want without having to suffer in order to get them.

Here are the most common side effects of today’s penis pills:

Headaches: This side effect is the most common. Many of today’s pills work to improve the circulation of blood throughout the body as a way of improving blood flowing through penile tissues.

headacheThis increased flow of blood can sometimes raise blood pressure, which can cause a headache. It also increases the exposure levels of blood toxins that may be present, which can also cause a headache. Most of the time, this side effect is temporary.

Dizziness: Penis pills may also cause dizziness for a number of reasons.

  1. Through the increased flow of blood through the penis, taking blood from other parts of the body.
  2. By speeding up the flow of blood throughout the body.
  3. By hastening the arousal process throughout the body.

Dizziness often is short and temporary. It most often occurs when guys are sitting or lying down and then get to their feet right away. An easy way to counteract this common side effect is to eat or drink something that has ginger in it.

Intestinal Issues: A lot of this side effect depends on what guys have eaten just before they decide to take their pills. It could cause multiple runs to the bathroom because they may simulate the actions of a laxative on your digestive tract. They might also cause constipation and bloating because the pills can stop guys up pretty quickly too.

A Long Erection: One of the most famous side effects of penis pills is that they can give you an erection that lasts much, much longer than normal.

erection-problemsIf the erection does not subside after 4 hours, a trip to the doctor is necessary because blood must be removed from the penis to get the erection to calm down.

If that doesn’t occur, scarring and injury can quickly occur.

Changes in Vision: One of the more rare side effects to these pills is that they can actually alter a guy’s vision in some ways. Some guys have reported seeing bluer colors in everything after taking pills, while increases in near-sightedness or far-sightedness have also been reported. Some guys may only have one eye effected as a side effect as well. This is very rare, however, and tends to only affect guys who are sensitive to medications or supplements in the first place.

The side effects of penis pills are often very manageable, if they even bother to show up in the first place. Most guys take these pills without any side effects at all! Before taking your first pill, however, it is good to know what to look for in case something unforeseen does happen. Use this guide and you’ll have the information you need!

Be A Better Lover — Tips and Tricks

be-better-loverThe majority of guys know that sex is always better when both people are enjoying it. Yet men are often times at a loss when trying to figure out how to be a better lover.

The reasons for such uncertainty are manifold, as there are many confusing and conflicting opinions voiced in popular culture concerning the matter.

The good news, however, is that there are a few simple proven tips that allow for anyone, regardless of their degree of experience or lack of expertise, to be a better lover.

Maintain The Best Hygiene Possible

While some natural scents may help to facilitate attraction between couples, the smell of someone who hasn’t bathed for a while can be nauseating. Taking a shower or a bath when one is anticipating an evening of romance and lovemaking is always the best policy.

Don’t Shy Away From Talk

Conversations often lead to rewarding encounters. Men shouldn’t shy away from sex talk, in particular, which can quickly evolve into foreplay and go from there. Women tend to enjoy the communication and bonding aspects of sex more than men, so it is a good idea to at least keep that in mind when making a move.

Be A Better Lover By Pacing Yourself

Sexually experienced men have had many quickies in their time. While some women are receptive to the idea of a quick sexual encounter, the majority of them prefer things to progress at a much slower rate than many men are accustom. Pacing oneself is the best approach to ensuring that the lady stays in the mood and has a great time. For guys who have trouble lasting, there are numerous products available such as special condoms and lube that allow for men to delay climax.

Use Toys and Other Sexual Enhancement Products

Toys, massage oils, lubes, and other products that are widely available for purchase from adult stores and online shops are great items to use in order to spice up a dull sex life or add even more excitement to a good relationship. There are various props to choose from and one shouldn’t be fearful of experimenting a little.

romanceDon’t Be Self-Centered

Most importantly, remember to never be a selfish lover. In fact, the best lesson to take away from this article is that to be a better lover one must try and focus on the woman’s pleasure from time to time to ensure that she is enjoying herself. Once she reciprocates, you’ll know that your investment in her satisfaction was well worth the effort.

More tips & tricks on how to be a better lover can be found at AskMen online magazine ;)